Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

daily project - 50

21. + 22.9.

23. + 24.9.

25. + 26.9.

27. + 28.9.

29. + 30.9.


  1. I love these, especially 24!
    I've just discovered the importance of a daily art project myself.

  2. gut dass die beiden vor dem großen bösen hai gerettet wurden!!
    die vom 24. mag ich auch besonders!
    liebe grüße, mano

  3. Hi, my dear friend!
    Hey this is getting better, you are adding elements in your drawings!
    when I saw the first I said: That's nice, I like the bird in the head and also naked woman...
    when I saw the second I said, Oh that girl on the skateboard is very well drawn, how much movement, energy!!...
    in the third, I saw dreams, I like a lot!!!!
    But then this black sharks, or I do not know what beast is, peeking from outside the paper!!!!!! Excellent :)))
    I loved everything!

    OK. Thanks for coming to tell me that I have time until Saturday :)
    Libra!!!!!! do you think you're balanced? (or we are the exception of the rule) Ha Ha!! LOL!!!!

  4. dear stefanie,
    oh, how i love all the little stories each tell.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!