Freitag, 21. September 2012

looking for a title

Do you remember? Some weeks ago (--> here) I was asking for a title for a painting:

For some time it has been 
"the painting with no title but with lots of inspiration coming from your ideas" 
- thank you again. Finally I found a title by chance while reading in a magazine: 


Vietnamese for home, native place... (in German: Heimat)

I love that word, those three letters, it touches me.

I have to admit: Often I d´ont find titles for my work. 
I admire people who are able to use words, create with words like I try to do with pencil or brush in my drawings and paintings. 
On the other hand, with a missing title the spectator has got more freedom to look for his own story in my artwork - shows me something I might not recognize. So it´s a surprise for myself what I created. And that´s always a pleasure!


  1. Hi, Stefanie!!!, sometimes it happens that I have a title but I have no picture, it does not happen to you?
    are different starting points to get to the same place.don't worry!!! :)))
    Have a good weekend!!!!!

  2. why yes! the title is in your drawings! and i certainly don't mind artwork with no title. you're right, it leaves a lot of freedom to the viewer. a title often surprises me, derails me at times too... ha ha ha...

    here on a mission, love!
    that's right, i preceed thee... ;)))
    next weekend's drawing challenge!
    enjoy your weekend already!

  3. Love the title... I too find it difficult to find titles... and then other times they come when I am not expecting them. I have decided like you not to worry about it... some creations will have titles others will not.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!