Samstag, 18. August 2012

drawing challenge

playing cards

In this box I have my Tarot cards. The box was a gift from the artist Saskia Hinrichs, who I met during my studies in France. But this is another story.

Ok, these cards are not really special but they do their job now for around 25 years.

This book does its job, too. Both had been a present from my father. My mother was wondering about this kind of present but this is another story, too.

By the way, my birthday number, the power. I should remind myself sometimes. Another story again.

I took three cards, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. 
My question: how to act to do a good challenge today:
The sun, the judgement and the moon.

We went out to take some pictures at the "Kunstgrenze" (frontier of art), an installation of the artist Johannes Dörflinger. 
He used symbols of the Tarot. It is the frontier in Konstanz/Kreuzlingen between Germany and Switzerland.

 sun and moon, judgement

Ariane is our hostess this week, please have a look at her beautiful blog for more players.

Have a nice weekend!

This picture has nothing to do with the story above: 
There was a wedding party and here you see the bride throwing her flowers. 


  1. Hi Stefanie!
    I loved your post, really
    But, do you know what?
    I would like to know the other stories too, Ha Ha (was a joke) :)
    good weekend!

  2. your birthday is in the month 6, or, in the month 10?
    because mine is in October!

  3. Hello Stefanie

    great post but Im dying to know the other stories now! ;)

    Fantastic sculptures too I love!!!

    Helen :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Stefanie. Nice to meet you! -sus

  5. ich hatte großen spaß beim sehen und lesen deines challenge-beitrags! wann gibt's die anderen geschichten???
    die tarot skulpturen würd ich gern mal in live sehen - sie wirken am ufer des bodensees sehr eindrucksvoll!
    grüße an dich, mano

  6. Liebe Stefanie, was für eine toll erzählte Geschichte und auch die Fotos da vom Bodensee, was für eine geniale Installation, toll!
    Ich habe die gleichen Karten, jetzt muß ich mal eben gucken, was meine Geburtstagsnummer ergibt....

  7. Stefanie, you are Libra like me!
    my birthday is on October 4th!
    I write down yours in my diary to greet you promptly!
    good week for you!

  8. Stefanie, you are a great story teller, actually you're a non-story teller! :)
    Amazing sculptures.
    xo Carole

  9. for a minute i thought that bride was performing a hand stand! fieuuuw!
    oh! weathered tarot cards! what a deck! i am always so intrigued by people being able to read those...

  10. Liebe Stefanie,
    I am really curious now.
    And if your birthday is in October you turn 40 this year, hurray!

    For me its a story which tells that the inner space turns into an outer space (and opposite). We see what we want to see... the sun, the jugdement, the moon. Great installation.

    Thank you for the refreshing breeze from the Bodensee.


  11. Okay Stefanie now I MUST learn your birth day because there will be enough time for me to write you an envelope snail mail style! I'll need your new address then, too. If you are game, can you email me with this data? Awesome art friend! It looks like you drew 3 cards that are important in the Dorflinger installation. Am I reading this right? If so, this is a magical serendipitous event. The sun, the moon...both of the universe, and the judgement...also of the universe (in my opinion). Strong combination here. Like the strength of holding the jaws of a lion. It's all good. Magical. N. xo

  12. intriguing world of tarot, symbols reflecting emotions and events we all go through in our life, how lovely your father gave them to you as a birthday present, x


Danke - thank you - merci bien!