Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Kindheit - memory

ich - me at work
Die Künstlerin Ludid hat mich gebeten, ein paar Fragen zum Thema "Kunst und Kindheit/Erinnerung" zu beantworten. Die Antworten findest Du --> hier.

The artist Ludid asked me to answer some questions about "childhood/memory and artwork". You might have a look at the whole interview --> here.

Vielleicht könnte es für Dich ähnlich inspirierend sein wie für mich -
maybe this is inspiring for you, too, thinking of your childhood, your artwork... travel into memory.

Thank you, Ludid!


  1. I love your auto portrait Stefanie! You were so cute and you captured yourself very well.

  2. Really interesting interview Stefanie! And you were such a cute child :)

  3. lovely interview, cute drawings and you still love to draw human figures

    it are words or scents or just a certain mood or picure that bring me flashes of my childhood, there are things i remember very, very clear as if i was still there and then, xx

  4. Hallo Stefanie, ein sehr schönes Kindheitsfoto, dass schon damals eine sehr sensible Stefanie zeigt.Deine Zeichnung mag ich sehr. LIEBE Grüsse Romana

  5. Stefanie OK, first, you were a very beautiful girl, with a look safe, strong, apparently you were thinking, "do not bother me, let me paint quiet" :)
    Surely everything we do has to do with our childhood, and with every day, lived, from yesterday until the day we were born. but (as I mentioned in Ludid's blog) I believe that freedom of expression that we had when we were kids, never have as adults, we try, but I do not think that we achieve.
    Have a nice day!!!!

  6. dein selbstportrait ist zauberhaft, auf dem foto schaust du sehr kritisch und schon sehr selbstbewusst in die welt!

  7. Thank you for sharing your childhood art story! I think at heart I am about 8 yrs old!

  8. Du hast schon damals genial gezeichnet! :-) glg, Katharina

  9. such an honor to have you share you story on my blog. best wishes.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!